The ecovillage solution

Ecovillages are one solution to the major problems of our time - the planet is experiencing the limits to growth, and our lives are often lacking meaningful content. According to increasing numbers of scientists, we have to learn to live sustain ably if we are to survive as a species. The United Nations launched itsGlobal Environment Outlook 2000 report, based on reports from UN agencies, 850 individuals and over 30 environmental institutes, concluding that "the present course is unsustainable and postponing action is no longer an option."

Ecovillages, by endeavoring for lifestyles which are "successfully continuable into the indefinite future", are living models of sustainability, and examples of how action can be taken immediately. They represent an effective, accessible way to combat the degradation of our social, ecological and spiritual environments. They show us how we can move toward sustainability in the 21st century (Agenda 21).

In 1998, ecovillages were first officially named among the United Nations' top 100 listing of Best Practices, as excellent models of sustainable living.

Asociacion Gaia, Argentina Asociacion Gaia, Argentina

Las ecoaldeas son comunidades dedicadas a crear y demostrar modos de vida sustentable ecológica, económica y espiritualmente.

Las ecoaldeas toman diversas formas en varias culturas y geo-climas, incluyendo desarrollo de cooperativas de viviendas, conversión de barrios urbanos, pueblos tradicionales, establecimientos rurales multifamiliares, establecimientos ecoturísticos, centros espirituales, comunas y kibbutzim.

Muchas ecoaldeas están enfocadas en ser centros de investigación, demostración y educación, de modo que atraen miles de visitantes cada año a talleres, cursos, entrenamientos y otros programas educativos.

A través de la Red Global de Ecoaldeas, estamos desarrollando redes de base multiculturales y democráticas, que unen las iniciativas comunitarias sustentables en todos los continentes.