Holistic Worldview

  • Earthart Village
    Created to fulfill a shared vision of living and demonstrating sustainable community, in all its aspects.

Listening to and Reconnecting with Nature

Awakening & Transformation of Consciousness

  • Ecoaldea Atlántida
    Enfocados hacia el despertar y la presencia...
  • Pachamama
    A profound experience that triggers a process of healing, deep understanding and expansion of consciousness

Celebrating Life: Creativity and Art

Socially Engaged Spirituality

  • EcotrulyPark
    Es un lugar de retiro donde se puede entrar en contacto consigo mismo y realizar prácticas espirituales
  • InanItah
    A consciously created, earth-based spiritual community and tropical nature retreat on Isla de Ometepe in Nicaragua
  • Sirius Community
    Spiritual basis...


Economic Dimension of Ecovillages

"As local groups and communities create their own local scrip currencies and exchange systems, they learn about economist’s deepest secret: money and information are equivalent --- and neither is scarce!"

--- Hazel Henderson

The Ecovillage economy is quite robust and full of vitality compared to other local economies.

Economic Vitality means:

  • Keeping the money in the community,
  • Circulating it through as many hands as possible,
  • Earning it, spending it, and investing it in member-owned retail and service businesses,
  • Saving it in home-grown financial institutions.