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An Ecovillage Education

Many ecovillages offer workshops and courses as part of their central mission or as a side-business, and some of these programs are specifically targeted at creating ecovillages or educating people specifically to become ecovillagers.


Living and Learning Centers provide hands-on training in green technologies and regenerative systems. As part of the international ecovillage movement, these Living and Learning Centers are evolving a collaborative system of experience, education, and research for their countries.

Based upon a partnership education model in which instructors and students mutually learn from each other, the comprehensive educational programs at these centers integrate the traditional wisdom, knowledge and skills of each society with permaculture design and related appropriate technologies for organic food production, waste recycling, ecological restoration, and renewable energy.

Some center operates amid great demands and limited resources. Already rich with positive, inspiring examples and programs, these Living and Learning Centers are, in E.F. Schumacher’s words, “making a viable future visible in the present.”